Primordial Visions: the Photography of Howard Pugh
Primordial Visions: Photography of Howard Pugh - abstracts and primal images primordial element: The Sunprimordial element: Fireprimordial element: The Atomprimordial element: Lightning
Abstract Photographic Image: "Say That Again and I'll Kill You"
As all things human-fashioned are invariably undone or unbecome in their journey back to the primordial, a subtle cosmological intent gets revealed. There is a great underlying mystery in the return pull to the primordial, not perhaps an actual intelligence, but a force that expresses itself in the very style in which all that's artificial must flow back into the sea of the pre-organized; a tide receding, a tide reconvening.  . . .Read more in my Artist Statement 
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  The Primordial Photography of Howard Pugh
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