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Primordial Visions: the Photography of Howard Pugh
Infrareds, Landscapes & Nature 1B primordial element: The Sunprimordial element: Fireprimordial element: The Atomprimordial element: Lightning
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Rock Collaring Sandstone
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Earth leering at us with enduring patience
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Exposing the ribs of the planet
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Earth Leering at us with Eternal Patience Detail 3

Earth Leering at us with Eternal Patience

Photographed on: 8/6/2006

Object(s) photographed: Honeycomb like structured sandstone called tafoni, sand, rock and beach vegetation.

Saw this on a field trip organized by PhotoCentral in Hayward, California

All photographs are printed with archival papers and inks by Artist, and are mounted with acid-free mat boards (16" X 20"). All are limited editions and are protected by copyright.

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Detail 3
  The Primordial Photography of Howard Pugh
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