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Primordial Visions: the Photography of Howard Pugh
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Ghosts of Isleton
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Reminiscences of Conception: a Self Portrait
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Hidden Ideogram of Painful Truths
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Yes, I  know
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<em>Yes, I know </em> Detail 1

Yes, I know

Photographed on: 2/11/2009

Object(s) photographed: Reflections and shadows on scum-laden water at the Berkeley marina

With several image-making sources in equal balance (water, reflection, shadow, filmy surface and blurred contouring), dream-like ambiguity holds everyday quick-comprehension in check. Something akin to death is just beneath the surface.

All photographs are printed with archival papers and inks by Artist, and are mounted with acid-free mat boards (16" X 20"). All are limited editions and are protected by copyright.

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  The Primordial Photography of Howard Pugh
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