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Primordial Visions: the Photography of Howard Pugh
About Howard Pugh primordial element: The Sunprimordial element: Fireprimordial element: The Atomprimordial element: Lightning

Quixotic Pugh credits "unconscious" as "artesian well" of "creativity"

Howard Pugh
Howard reflecting on
a profound question
proffered by a youth.
Born in the American heartland, Howard quickly grew restless and, like so many of his generation with a vision of the future, went West at the age of five.

Howard came to California with two brothers, his older brother Jeff, and his twin brother John. And yes, he is Howard's identical twin . . . and no, contrary to the rumors, he is not a "parasitic twin" (biologically).

Howard attended school (K-12) in Concord California, and college at Los Medanos community college, U.C. Berkeley and San Jose State where he majored in music composition and minored in philosophy.

Howard's foray into photography undertook a decades-long gestation period; doing many of the creative disciplines except visual art slowly manifested itself clandestinely as a deep-tissue lie. The emergent photographer finally "crowned" at the begining of 2006, then spilled out into the world like a verdent dinosaur sponge that decompresses explosively as it hits the water.

BTW: which kind of dinosaur did you just visualize? . . . It's a strong personallity predictor.*

Howard lives in Hayward California with his wife and has a Catalpa tree. In 2006 he was named Time magazine's person of the year.

Philosophy of Art

NEW!  Now my 'ever-maturing' artistic philosophy with it's own separate page!

Artist Statements

—Original statement for my Primordial Visions portfolio of abstract photography
—Artist statement for my alternative portfolio In The Shadows
*The correct answer is T-rex.
  The Primordial Photography of Howard Pugh
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